Pinghu Kangchengda Fastener Co., Ltd.
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Product Category
Standard Category
AS /NZS 1252-1996
ASTM F 436(M)-2010
ASTM F 436-1993(R2000)
ASTM F 436-2011
ANSI/ASME B 18.22.1-1981
BS 3410(-1)-1961
BS 4320-1968
DIN 125-1-1990
DIN 125-2-1990
DIN 126-1990
DIN 1440-1974
DIN 1441-1974
DIN 433(-1)-1990
DIN 433(-2)-1990
DIN 434-1990
DIN 435-1989
DIN 436-1990
DIN 440(R)-1990
DIN 6340-1987
DIN 6797(J)-1988
DIN 6916-1989
DIN 7349-1974
DIN 7349-2009
DIN 7989-1974
DIN 9021-1990
GB 849-1988
GB 850-1988
GB 853-1988
GB 854-1988
GB 855-1988
GB 856-1988
GB 96-1985
GB /T 848-1985
GB /T 95-1985
GB /T 97.1-1985
GB /T 97.2-1985
ISO 7089-2000
ISO 7090-2000
ISO 7091-2000
ISO 7092-2000
ISO 7093-1-2000
ISO 7094-2000
JIS B 1186-1995
JIS B 1256(F)-1978
JIS B 1256(S)-1978
NF E 25-514
YJT 6001
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Fax: +86-573-85636787
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 About Us
Founded in 2006, Pinghu Kangchengda Fastener Co., Ltd. is a fastener exporter in China. After years development and innovation, the company has developed from original Jiashan Kangchengda Metal Product Co., Ltd. established in 2001 into a professional flat washer manufactory covering a floor area of 15 mu and a building area of 10,000 square meters. Besides, the company was awarded “AAA Credit” by Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperatives Union in 2007 and 2008 passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2008.


Our company is situated in Yangtze Delta and the northeast of Hangjiahu Plain, adjacent to Hangzhou Bay in the south and Shanghai city in the east.In severe competition, our company continuously strengthens quality management and takes effective measures to satisfy customers and catch up with the world leading level.

Welcome to cooperate with us! We are willing to provide best products and service for you.